Moraine V1

by ThorsChariot

The season is now summer and the university has sent you on an expedition to recover antiquities revealed by the retreating glacier! ~~ Attached RANDOM MAP SCRIPT was inspired by real-life glacier geography and turned out to be a blend of Nomad, Gold Rush, Wolf-Hill, Lombardia, Valley, and Ghost Lake. ~~ The character of the map is defined by over 10k "create_land" commands, fundamental geographic features like the width/length of the glacier, positioning of the rising hills, location of the moraine, etc. are predetermined and unalterable. Terrain and objects such as tree patches, gold, stone, fish, huntables, herdables, etc. are random and therefore different with every generation. Please reach out with any comments/suggestions! Good Luck Have Fun! T/c\ ThorsChariot#3598

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Your scouts report: -Your expedition starts with a packed town center and nomad scout in the left/right corner of the map, at the end of the road leading to this area. The immediate surroundings consist of tranquil sloping meadows with small clumps of tress, forage bushes, and scant gold piles. -It seems that a rival university has also learned of the accessibility of these ancient relics. They start in the opposite corner of the map with identical resources. They must not be allowed to capture these artifacts for themselves! (thereby achieving a steady gold income through endowments/donations) -A glacier separates the landmasses of both teams. Goats, lost or abandoned, will join your faction if you guide them off of the ice. -The glacial basin, containing most of the stone in the area, may be found in the center of the map. Caribou (deer with extra meat) have gathered here to eat lichen off of the rocks. It is also possible to mine stone and hunt ibex near the mountain summits. -South of the basin is the glacial lake, which contains no fish because the water is too cold. -The Southern edge of the glacial lake is defined by the terminal moraine. Marking the furthest point south reached by the ice, this mound contains all of the dirt/rocks scraped off the side of the mountain by the glacier, and most of the gold in the area. -South of the moraine is the ocean, teeming with fish. -Finally, at the North corner of the map is an outcropping with the ancient monastery, cracked and ruined. Only here may relics be found, but exercise caution...these hallowed grounds are under the protection of mysterious guardians. Many heretical scouts died to bring us this information.