Monument Nothing v1.11.09.83127

by hony1717

KotH + Regicide

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only hold 1 Monument to win! - your King ist tanky and agile, this map is not about Regicide King Sniping! - if this game will take too long, 1 of the 7 Plagues will come over you and you probably all die! - the center Monument lets you beam a 22nd century artillery weapon into the game - it costs 5000 stone, its meant for agressive players to punish those Stone-Wallers ( you have to attack ground!!) - it has minimum range, that means it is not suited for close or mid-range combat (range=over 9000) -trade is nerfed GL HF -hony1717 Game Settings: King of the Hill Map Size: Giant Reveal Map: Normal Victory: Last man standing