Two Lakes 1.0.0

by Jabark

A map made for the "Two Pools Tournament - Community Mapping Contest" called Two Lakes. "Two Pools" was taken.

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Tags: 2v2 Two Pools
Versions: WK UP1.5

The map will generate with one of four different aesthetics: 1. Desert 2. Jungle 3. Snowy 4. Grassy Each of these changes the types of tree, the land, and the various wildlife that gets generated. Each getting the wildlife that matches the setting. The layout is always very similar, with the two teams on opposing sides of two lakes. Both of them stacked full of Salmon and Shore Fish. The lakes also contain various aesthetics attached such as rocks, gulls, shipwrecks, etc. In between the two lakes is also the majority of the stone for the map, with your only "local" stone being a stack of 3. Amongst the stone are a number of "outlaws". These a fairly easy to kill, but are simply there to deter players from trying to wall off the entire stone area before players have managed to build up any military. To give players an incentive to go forward early and encourage aggressive, open play, players are not given forage bushes and instead must rely on building their food resources from the lakes in the middle. The map also contains a number of hills, cliffs and burned out buildings.