Apartments (FFA-KotH Special) 1.0

by Corn

This map was specially designed for FFA King of The Hill games. Every player's base looks like an apartment, separated from other lands with a strip of forest . It opens with cutting toward the map centre. In the centre of the map there is a round swampy lake, where the monument appears when King of the Hill mode is set. These don't allow players to wall the monument, making it more difficult to control (and more easy to overtake). Games goes interesting and dynamic.

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Versions: HD AoC

Resources (sheeps, deers, bushes, stone) are standard, except for the gold (2 tiles greater). No wolves, no fish. There are 2 boars per player and some additional ones are wandering about in the centre. There is abundance of wood, but most of it part forms a strips which divide the apartments, so the neighbouring players can impede chopping. On the swampy central region you can see some islands covered with gold piles. In UP1.4/1.5 piles on central swamp isles will contain 4000 gold, player nearby mines will contain 1200 gold per pile. In HD all piles will be standard. The relics (3 to 10; bigger count more probable) appears either at the lake or across the map as usual. [Mapshot](