Pondtown v3

by xThomas

Pondtown for Userpatch 1.5. There is also a sudden death version of this map, called SD_Pondtown. This is version 3, fixing some bugs and redesigning the bases.

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TC start in pond. All ponds are connected to a middle lake by a river of shallows. You can build on these shallows, and ice as well. There's a few fish, but this lake isn't very big. The resources are based on Scandinavia, so if you've played that map before, you've got some idea of what you're in for. No berries, in case you were wondering. Your initial sheep starts a bit closer to home, as that's what's been popular among the pros these days - it really helps if you're playing the Chinese. You can play regicide king of the hill by picking the game mode koth, and picking a low resource start. There's also a Sudden Death version of this. Requires Userpatch 1.5