ECL_Regions_Maps_Random 20190922

by ECL

ECL includes all 7 regions stages and all 52 maps.

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Versions: WK UP1.5

ECL includes all 7 regions stages and all 52 maps.List them as follows : - [1] ECL EU East Map Pack (Acropolis, Arina, Baltic, Budapest, Cross, Scandinavia, Team Acropolis, and Valley.) - [2] ECL Africa Map Pack (Desert, Gorge, Kilimanjaro, Rift Islands, Sahara, Serengeti, and Team Islands.) - [3] ECL Middle East Map Pack (Arabia, Bedouins, Desert, Dry River, Hideout, Mediterranean, Oasis, and Sunburn.) - [4] ECL East Asia Map Pack (Chaos_Pit, Mongolia, Mt_Fuji, Salt_Marsh, Steppe, Team_Causeways, and Twin_Puddles.) - [5] ECL Southeast Asia Map Pack (Atoll, Bog, Bog Islands, Decentring, Eastern Coastline, Enemy Archipelago, Hillfort, and Riverbed.) - [6] ECL Americas Map Pack (Atacama, Caribbean, Cenotes, El Dorado, Gold Rush, Golden Pit, Hamburger, Mesas, and Yucatan.) - [7] ECL EU West Map Pack (Acropolis, Clearing, Fortress, Frisia, Highland, Houseboat, Lombardia, and Team_Acropolis.) This map pack selects randomly from all of the maps included in the Escape Champions League. Note no ZR terrains are used, so all ZR maps will look different than they do in the standalone maps. There are no gameplay differences, just different terrain textures.