Battle Royale Forest Nothing (WK) NEW

by HenkDeSuperNerd

Combine Forest Nothing with the crazy Battle Royale mode created by HenkDeSuperNerd and you have this map.

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Map requires WK & Userpatch 1.5 Map does NOT work on regicide, or King of the Hill. rather play with STANDARD game mode (or turbo random to make it [a lot] easier to escape the storm) (the map has a ' king' unit that needs to be protected by default) recommended settings: STANDARD game mode. FAST speed. This map is very different from the other maps, and requires some special settings: The map comes with a build-in regicide-game mode, where the king is replaced by an Axe-yielding unit. If this unit dies, you will be defeated. Since it is very difficult to escape the storm in a map filled with trees the time between each storm advancement has been doubled. Also, the amount of wood on trees is halved (50wood instead of 100wood) This special battleroyale map has a unique start where each player must use a special airplane (a modified sharkatzor) to drop his villager and axe-yielding king to a safe location in the forest. YOU HAVE 3 MINUTES TO FIND A GOOD SPOT FOR A TOWN CENTER. after 3 minutes game time the airplane explodes and drops the units inside. To unload the units prior to this, click on the individual units in the aircraft to drop them. Don't bother building a TC or lumber camp in the middle or one of the smaller spots near the middle. you won't be able to fit those buildings there! Due to the slow start and limited space to build the players must chop towards the middle to escape the devastating storm quickly. Since the regular 5minutes per wave from 30minutes onwards is a bit tough for such a map, the intervals between each wave advancement are increased to 10minutes (30min, 40min, 50min, 1h, 1:10h, 1:20h, 1:30h, 1:40h, 1:50h, 2h, 2:10h, 2:20h, 2:30h, and 2:40h)