by HenkDeSuperNerd

Random map (ZR@map) based on the board game Settlers of Catan. Contains 4 versions. Mapsize is a fixed 8-players size (huge map)

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Versions: WK UP1.5

This map is a real world nomad map where resources are found on specific tiles. The tile distribution is random. The map is designed to be played for 8 players, playing the map with less players is still possible, but the mapsize stays the same (huge map/8-players size). Wool: Grasslands with many Sheep & Boars Wood: Forest with a few deer Wheat: Grassland with forage bushes and farms, and a few cows Clay: Rocky lands with stone, sandy mountains and a few llamas Minerals: Mountain peaks with gold and a few goats. Desert: Barren tile guarded by the "bandit"; a hostile mob who attacks back The mod comes with 4 mapversions: ZR@Catan_middle ZR@Catan(AV)_middle ZR@Catan ZR@Catan(AV) 'AV' stands for allied vision, 'middle' means the desert tile is always centered in the middle. !! Maps require WololoKingdoms and UserPatch 1.5 to play. Advised settings: game: Standard, Regicide, or King of the Hill Reveal Map: Explored 4v4 or FFA Diplomacy (unlock teams)