by Cicero

Players only have a minimal amount of gold and stone close to their bases - the rest is collected in locations at a moderate distance to their flanks. The map is usually fairly wallable, but players will have to reach out to secure control of these locations.

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For the 1v1 version, each player has two resource areas - one on each side. For 3+ players, there will be just one resource area per player, plus an extra one in the middle of the map. Note that the starting resources are somewhat close to the starting TC - this is by necessity. The water on this map is largely aesthetic since there are no deep fish on this map. Player resources: 8 llama, 2 javelina, 6 tiles fruit bushes, 2 tiles gold, 2 tiles stone Extra resources: 20 tiles gold per player, 10 tiles stone per player, fruit bushes