HTM_Point_of_pride v2

by Corn

Use your nation specific Monument as a TC; some neutral Monuments=TCs located in the central area. Any Monument can be captured multiple times (like a sheep) so you can lose it when the enemy's units come close and you have nobody nearby. Of course, you can get it back or take the enemy's one in the same way. Sudden Death mode is enabled: you must own at least 1 Monument at ANY GIVEN TIME. So hold the Monument and have fun! [Intended for FFA/FFA+regicide]

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You have a nation specific Monument inside a wall ring at start and can use it like a TC (to create vills and to advance through ages) with the only exception of Monument can't shoot arrows when units are garrisoned. It's your national point of pride, don't lose it! The main feature of this map is any Monument (including your national) can be converted multiple times (like a monument in King of the Hill). 'Cause of you can't build new Monuments (as well as ordinary TCs), you can get more either by finding a neutral ones at the central area or by capturing them from the enemies. So you maybe need to rush a bit to have a possibility to boom well :))) There will be about 2 Monuments per player on the map in average. Remember that a Sudden Death mode is enabled (by default, you don't need to checkmark it in menu). So, if you lose your last Monument (doesn't matter is it your national one or not) you'll get defeated instantly! As for resources, you'll have 8 sheeps, 2 boars, 4 bushes, 4 deers, 7+3+3 tiles of gold and 5+3 tiles of stone at start. There are additional boars, deers, bushes, gold, and stone located near each neutral Monument. There are 5 or more relics will be generated. If Regicide mode is set, both keep your king alive and own at least one Monument. King of the Hill mode is not supported so don't set it. Designed for FFA games though team games can also be played, but you need to make sure you do not capture the allied player's last Monument unintentionally. IMPORTANT! HTM_Point_of_Pride_v2xs.rms have to exist in your AoE2DE/resources/_common/random-map-scripts directory Don't forget to download the XS script for this map (you can find it in 'previous version' of this map). To transfer the xs script to other players in lobby, select it as a map to play, wait for it to complete uploading to each player's computer and then change the map back to HTM_Point_of_Pride_v2.rms. Now you are ready to start. Use either 'Random map' or 'Regicide' game mode. Uncheck the 'Sudden death' checkbox!

  • Version 2 changes: +Victory countdown (300 sec) enables when more than half of the total number of monuments are under control of some player (need xs script! - see 'previous version' of this map) +New group location shapes for central Monuments on huge map +Monuments renamed back to Town centers +LOS to TC set to 6 +Reeds changed to bush forest +Some minor changes
  • This is a XS script for v2 providing victory conditions and 300-seconds countdown for the player controlling more than half of the total amount of monuments. Place it in your rms directory along with the version 2 of map rms file.
  • Back-to-work button now works. Monuments regenerate HP now.
  • Now works correctly in DE. Some adjustments (circle_radius and others) were made. Terrain mixing were added.
  • Fixed some issues allowing players to build new TCs.