Atoll 1.0 (original)

by UilosEvermind

Simulation of real-life atolls. Players start on a ring of land surrounded by water and surrounding an inland lagoon. Shallows and Mangrove often break the ring into pieces of land and allow ships to pass in and out of the lagoon.

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It should support random map games and king of the hill, but I'm am unsure how well it can run regicide, empire wars, and any other setting than requires lots of land space (and which I haven't tested). Example of a map idea for a polynesian themed expansion idea: (The code borrows heavily from available code in a number of ES_maps & standard random map RMS files. RMS file itself was started & edited heavily from one of these files, I think ES_Metropolis. I'm not particularly good/experienced with coding RMS files, so the script I did make is probably a bit clumsy, and cluttered. Thanks to all the online resources that explained to a map noob like me how to script RMS files for aoe2!)