Europa_Dry 1.2

by Fluppets

Europa is a Noob-friendly, but Competitive, Team-oriented Map. Designed for a Safe Early Game and Open Late Game; but Never Fully Wallable with ROCK Connections. Also, Bears.

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Tags: FFA TG HC2
Versions: WK

Europa is a Noob-friendly, but Competitive, Team-oriented Map Featuring: - Player Lands: GRASS terrain, Consistent, but Limited Starting Resources. - Farmlands: GRASS3 terrain, Extra Gold + Stone + Deer and Farm-space. - Barrows: GRASS2 Terrain with ROCK on the slopes. - Woods: snak-y FOREST in-between the Barrows, Rivers and Farmlands. - Mountains: PINE/LEAVES Terrain with ROCK Connections, Relics + Boars. - ~~Rivers: WATER connecting All Player Lands.~~ - Roads: ROAD2 connecting Team Lands. - Bears.: Because F*ck Tower Rushing. - Competitive/ Balance Changes: No Onager Cutting with Available Cutting Tech, Sling Nerfed & Allied Vision Enabled GL & Hf!