by RediRodion

Sinharaja is the map that placed 2nd in the competitive stage of Random Map Contest. Link to RMC results attached below. Sinharaja represents wildness, gorgeousness, temptation and inertia of the truely indomitable Jungle. In human nature lies desire for conquering unconquerable. Countless civilizations have tried settling in the middle of this chaos Those who were seduced by the Jungle inevitably got overwhelmed by it. In the middle of alien land can be found remains of ancient civilization such as monuments and mysterious artifacts. Running roads continuously being absorbed by the Jungle is not a rare view. Do not feel yourself rest here. Do not trust your surroundings. Do not confuse your senses. Because those who err never come back.

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Versions: WK

[Link]( On the map players can find 3 spread relics. Additionally there are 2 relics in the middle next to the magnificent Stelae for tiny, small and medium sized map but 3 relics for other sizes. Resources spread across the map are standard as in Arabia. Regicide is being played with 4 additional villagers, a watch tower instead of a typical castle and a king. Therefore players get additional +5 population cab space to compensate it. Map adjusted as well for Giant and LudiKRIS size in case anyone plays it. In order to play this map on HD you need to press subscribe button under this link: [Link]( and restart Age of Empires 2 if you had already launched the game. After that create the lobby - multiplayer or single player and search for RMC_Sinharaja.rms from the list of Custom maps. To play Sinharaja on Voobly download the map here: [Link]( and paste .rms file in the folder address below: Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\age of empires ii\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms\Script.Rm Enjoy! Don't forget to leave a comment and share your impression. In case of experiencing any bugs share them with me so I can fix them :) Feel free to use this map in any kind of tournaments or as a part of entertainment for viewers on twitch as long as you don't declare it to be your own map. Reposts are not welcomed. Feedback is. More maps available at: HD: [Link]( Voobly: [Link](