Sidewinder V1

by n/a

Sidewinder is a random map designed to be played by 2 people. Inspired by a multiplayer level from another Microsoft IP, Sidewinder gets its name from the classic Halo: Combat Evolved map. Sharing a similar snowy theme to said source of inspiration, the two players are divided by a great wall of trees, forming a distinctive horseshoe shape. Out far from the safety of home bases, a giant no-mans-land stretches which buildings cannot be built upon. Within the two corners of the no-mans-land are ponds full of plentiful fish. In the centre of the no-mans-land is rumoured to be an island containing gold and stone. For adventurous and aggressive players a path directly connects the two players that cuts straight through the great forest, however it home to many dangerous animals. This map also has a 50% chance to generate with a jungle theme, but don't worry, it should be functionally identical. For years whispers of a secret in the woods have been foretold, but no-one has dared journey deep enough...

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My first map, made in a day. Probably not very good. There is a fairly rare bug that causes half of the no-mans-land to be covered by normal ground, I don't know the cause. Once it even covered the whole thing! Sorry for the poor thumbnail! DE has no way to screenshot a whole map I think. (constructive) criticism encouraged!