inside forest prison v1

by ??

open map with only wood around your base; forest nothing style, but more aggro

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Versions: WK UP1.5

inspired from VaurionNothing map made by AlgernonR. You start with 1 Town Center and few 'villies' ( 3 for most civs). You can create horse or camel at Town Center ( takes 0 pop space and cost 10 food, has no attack, Good for scouting). At mill in exchange for 10 Gold you can create sheep, turkey, cow, goat, water buffalo, llama. At miningcamp in exchange for 1000 Gold you can create a relic ( Monk+relic). Since the map has no gold, eagle warrior line got a bit of boost( eagle scout=70HP, eagle warrior=85HP, elite ew=100HP) It has few Straggler trees around Town Center, so that the AI won't bug. You can train kings at castle. You never have enough kings in regicide.. And of course , more easter eggs, up for the players to explore. Note: - the camel from town center costs 10 food and 1 gold. Is more easy to buy a horse these days , than to ship a camel. - it won't let you queue farms at mill . : ( - tested only in WK and probably only here will work (or maybe also in DE)