RandomEverythingDeluxe v2

by HenkDeSuperNerd

MegaRandom on steroids. Features many crazy gamemodes like SuddenDeath, Regicide, Deathmatch. Spawn with crazy additional units and buildings, scout around to find some GAIA friends, or train them in the monument! For full features play on WololoKingdoms (however playing on AOC or HD would work too) Works for any selected settings (regicide, King of the Hill, Relic victory, etc)

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>> (NEW) GAME MODES << Game modes coming with the script (userpatch only!) - (land) NOMAD - DARKAGE DEATH MATCH (Spies disabled!) - SUDDENDEATH: protect your starting town centers, once you lose all you are defeated. You won't be able to build new Town Centers! (4flags around your Town Center indicate this game mode) - MONUMENTAL MIDDLE: capture the monument in the middle to creating powerful units! - KINGGAME: protect your King(s), once you lose all you are defeated. (includes treason!) Selecting other game modes will work fine, and will override or be additional to the game modes defined by the script - selecting KING OF THE HILL: 50% chance to train units in the monument, also other win-conditions can be present! - RELIC VICTORY / CAPTURE THE RELIC will spawn a relic in the middle and an indestructible monastery for each player (other win-conditions can be present!) - REGICIDE (KINGGAME will be active) - DEATHMATCH (will have correct resources, and spies disabled!) - any OTHER GAMEMODE (turbo random, wonder race etc.) will work as well with this script. >> RESOURCES << Resources can be different every time: - DEATHMATCH resources! (select deathmatch in the lobby to force death-match resources) - MEDIUM amount of extra resources (select medium resources in the lobby to force medium resources) - HIGH amount of extra resources (select high resources in the lobby to force medium resources) - RANDOM amount of resources (ranging from -100, to +100 for each different resource) - DEBTS (start with a large deficit of gold, apart from that standard resources) - STANDARD resources, in the most frequent option. Selecting low resources in the lobby will force standard starting resources on top of that: - regicide start gives extra regicide-resources - nomad start gives extra resources to build TC (land-nomad is an exception) >> BALANCE (compared to random_everything)<< - The map is not supposed to be fully balanced, so you can still find yourself in a disadvantageous position. However, the chance for very unbalanced maps should be lower than the earlier version(s) - Reduced the chance of forest-nothing like maps - Removed the option that all players spawn in one corner (since this is almost always very unbalanced) - Distributed wood lines more evenly over the map >> TERRAIN GENERATION<< - More terrains are introduced (including expansion terrains) - Terrain will often follow some style: o Barren o Arctic o Baltic o Temperate o Asian o Savannah o Oasis o (Sub)tropical o Rainforest/tropical o Mangrove - Water now will almost always spawn with shallow water at the shores. - The map is generated with some structure, leading to chances to look a bit like islands, rivers, continental, and more. - playing King of the Hill or Capture the Relic will influence the map layout. >> GAIA, A COMMON ENEMY << - A whole bunch of new predators from the expansions roam around the map. >> GAIA, A COMMON FRIEND << - Variety of convertible unit is significantly increased - Convertible buildings added - Convertible special units added - A wide variety of convertible water units >> RANDOM SPAWNS << - New starting units, including expansion units (heroes, military) - New starting structures, including expansion buildings - A wide variety of starting water units >> TECHS << - Treason will replace spies in KINGGAME (regicide) - spies is disabled for DEATHMATCH - Unable to create more Town Centers in SuddenDeath - Unable to create more Monasteries in Capture the Relic