CSA_Mega_Map_Pack_v3 v3.1

by CSA_S_Wood

You will have the chance of play one of 69 maps!

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This upload is managed by: CSA_R_Griffith
Versions: WK AoC UP1.5

Special Thanks to Toombs for original map pack. which was CSA_Mega_Map_Pack, but it was broken! So we must also give thanks to Wood for taking the time to repair the file and create previous versions (CSA_Map_Pack) And with this, we started refining and creating our own versions V1-2, adding and deleting maps from the packs. Played in the end of 2020, and middle of 2021 within the CSA games. Hafe fun! Note: This works in Voobly 1.5 and 1.6 but it has NOT been tested in Steam DE.

  • Fixes from previous versions: - Added maps according to players requests. - Fixed RMS script from original version to make it playable.