King Boom: Settlers of Catan 1.3

by HenkTheSupernerd, gundrik and the T90bois

HenkTheSupernerd's newest hit map, but with a twist: a nuclear warhead explotes when a king dies (more info below)(slighly smaller nuke)

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Versions: UP1.5

the map is pretty self explanatory, but I will add some details: # Recomended settings regicide diplo, last man standing. size doesn't matter with ZRs # Banned Civs? nah m8 # the nuke once a king dies, a dead goat with a food countdown of 10 appears. once it reaches 0, 2 explosions occur: a 29 tile radius one that weakens any castle in range and destroys everything else, and a 20 tile one that kills trees, resources and even relics and landmarks chain reactions are possible, so beware # other details: -heavy demo disabled because it's part of the nuke -if king dies in transport nothing happens # why do you do these kinds of maps man dunno shoutout to henk, for making the map itself, hony, as his nuketown code was needed, and kaaru, for the idea