by HenkDeSuperNerd

The teams are separated by a large valley. In the valley palm forest can be found, along with fruit bushes and African wildlife. Any traces of water are absent. Just cracked ground is left where the sun evaporated the water. The wood lines in this valley will be important for the mid and late game, since the highlands forests on the highlands are small and not so dense. The elevation difference between both team lands and the separating valley will give even more depth to strategic gameplay, since being in the valley would result in having an elevation penalty. The highlands are barren lands. Hills, cliffs and large rock formations are the only significant features that paint the landscape here. The wood lines are sparse and inconvienient: dragon trees replace baobab trees making these kinds of forests even more useless with only 100 instead of 200 resources per tree. Acacia forests might be the best option, although they have similarly bad density. Luckily there are sufficient goats and elephants present on the highlands for food, and gold and stone piles will surround the player lands which gives them a reason to add defenses to their starting town.

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Tags: 4v4 3v3 2v2 Africa
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This map was HenkDeSuperNerd's submission for the African stage for the ECL map-contest read more here: All of Henk's submissions were collected in this voobly-mod: