ECL Maps by T-West et al. (72 maps)

The maps used in the Escape Champions League. For more information about the tournament, see the AoEZone post: []( All maps include a slinging nerf that increases the base tax rate from 30% to 40%, moves Coinage from the Feudal Age to the Imperial Age, and removes Banking. For the ZR maps, both grid and non-grid versions are included. Many map scripts are based on the original maps by Ensemble Studios, the expansion maps by Forgotten Empires, and other maps commonly used in tournaments by the community throughout the years. Maps may have been modified from their original version for slight thematic or balance changes. Other maps were submitted by winners of the ECL map-making competition. The winners include: abductedPlatypus, AlgernonR, Chrazini, Cicero, HenkDeSuperNerd, mukdk, teutonic_tanks, and Zetnus.

This collection is managed by: T-West

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