Current Map Test Pack by Chrazini, HenkDeSuperNerd (2 maps)

# Current Maps: __Desert Void__ - _@Chrazini [1v1 or Teams]_ Wood __only__ at start, 4 starting elephants, far gold and stone __Water Wheel__ - _@HenkDeSuperNerd [1v1 or Teams]_ Standard Start, Deep Fish, Players seperated by water connected through center wheel, 1 Relic/Player + 3 in center Island (Relic Victory -> Capture the Relic, Low Resources -> Regicide) # Previous Maps: __Frisia__ - _@abductedPlatypus [1v1 or Teams]_ Reduced Gold and Stone, extra on outside islands, connected to main land. Team lands separated and cut by shallow rivers. __Valley of the Kings__ - @Cicero [Teams (preferred), 1v1 or FFA] Reduced starting Gold and Stone, Acacia Forest, Unwallable

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