24 Hours Random Map Contest 2 – Community Random Map by Participants (7 maps)

The topic of the second 24 Hours Random Map Contest was »Haunted Islands: deep sea, storm, ghosts, pirates, sea-monsters«. Participants had 24 hours to create a map to be played in community games. This usually means 8 player free for alls, Regicide, King of the Hill, or even more sophisticated gamemodes. Seven random map scripters took on the challenge, and the jury rated their entries for Originality, Professionality, Balance & Playability, Theme, and Visual Appeal. The results: - 1st place: **Hallowed Reefs** by Chrazini – 38.6 of 50 total Points - 2nd place: **Kraken** by Zetnus – 37.4 Points - 3rd place: **Tsunami** by AlgernonR – 36.6 Points - 4th place: **Cursed Island** by abductedPlatypus – 35.8 Points - 5th place: **Possesed_Monks** by SnippyInDaHouse – 33.2 Points - 6th place: **Haunted Islands** by HenkDeSuperNerd – 26.8 Points - 7th place: **Treasure Island** by Vectorfield – 25.5 Points

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