24 Hours Random Map Contest 1 – Competitive Random Map by Participants (5 maps)

The topic of the first 24 Hours Random Map Contest was »Ancient mysteries: (pre-)historic, wild tribes, jungle, ancient civilizations«. Participants had to create a map that could be played competitively, that means it should give equally skilled players or teams equal chances at winning a game on the map. Five random map scripters took on the challenge, and the jury rated their entries for Originality, Professionality, Balance & Playability, Theme, and Visual Appeal. The results: - 1st place: **Paititi** by Cicero – 39.1 of 50 total points - 2nd place: **Sinharaja** by RediRodion – 37.3 points - 3rd place: **Religious Mountain** by SnippyInDaHouse – 33.6 Points - 4th place: **Mokaya Lands** by Vardamir117 – 31.4 Points - 5th place: **RMC_wild_woods** by Zetnus – 25.6 Points

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