MMP (Multiple Maps Promo) by AOE_ROTR (the Chinese sponsor of MSC tournament) (91 maps)

MMP (Multiple Maps Promo) 多样地图的宣传展示 This webpage is only used for showing the panorama thumbnail preview of these maps but not for downloading the RMS files of them here. 该页面仅用于展示这些地图的全景图缩略图预览,而不是在这里下载这些地图的 RMS 文件。 Map Pool (RMS filenames): - ZR@MSC_Bog_Arabia - ZR@MSC_Mangrove_Arena - ZR@MSC_Sonder - ZR@Snowy_Nomad - ECL_Map_Pack - WK_Full Random - Modern FR_1v1 - WK_MegaRandom

This collection is managed by: AoE_ROTR_2018

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