Burgundy 1.6

by Fluppets

Burgundy lies beneath the slopes of Impenetrable Mountains; with Marshy Farmlands, Thick Woodlands and Ancient Barrows, it's riches are coveted by many; are you cunning & ruthless enough to conquer Burgundy?

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Tags: FFA 4v4 1v1 HC2
Versions: WK

- Safe & Easy starting resources (but less) = Fair Starts for Everyone! - More Dangerous, Farther & Easy to Control Extra Resources (but more) = Can't Turtle > Must go out to get Extra Resources Barrows: Hills with Rock Terrain on the slopes (= no buildings) = Forces Open Battles - Central Mountaineous & Forested area . = Cannot Wall this area; difficult to place Castles & Buildings - Mountain Passes: Rock Terrain connects all player lands through the Alps. = Always an available Connection, even if a player walls off the low-lands. - Small Lakes and Connecting Rivers = Unwallable; gives a little room for Naval Civs, but no water Domination.

  • 2019-07-28
  • _Added River (Player connections) _Added Marshlands (Dots of SHALLOW) _Added Very, Very Small Rocks (Dots of DLC_ROCK)
  • 2019-07-06
    - Added Rich Farmlands - Added Barren Marshlands - Cleaned up eye-candy