Burgundy 1.2

by Fluppets

Burgundy lies beneath the slopes of the Unconquerable Alps; with Rich Open Farmlands, Plentyful Woodlands and Forgotten Barrows it is coveted by many aspiring Kings, Queens and Fools alike. Are you ambitious & ruthless enough to carve out a piece of history for yourself?

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Tags: FFA 4v4 1v1 HC2
Versions: WK

- Standard, safe & easy starting resources - Dry map (No Water) - Extra resources are Further away (but slightly more overall) - Barrows: Hills with Rock Terrain on the slopes (= no buildings) - Alps: Central Mountainous & Forested area . - Mountain Passes: Rock Terrain connects all player lands through the Alps. - Featuring No Onager Cutting (/w Imperial Cutting tech), Allied Vision & Sling Nerf

  • _Added River (Player connections) _Added Marshlands (Dots of SHALLOW) _Added Very, Very Small Rocks (Dots of DLC_ROCK)
  • 2019-07-06
    Might create a version with Rivers/Canals later