Hannibal 1.1

by Fluppets

Hannibal was a general of Carthage, in war with Rome, and he had a cunning plan! Black Forest style map featuring a central Mountain with an unwallable Glacier connecting all player lands. Random Map Standard Resources w. easy 1st sheep, Allied Vision, No Onager Cutting and Sling Nerf. *Currently only optimised for 4v4 TG's.

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Tags: 4v4 RM
Versions: HD WK UP1.5

This is a Black Forest Style base map, but with a twist; the Central Mountain area interconnects all lands with large Glaciers (Ice). This should give safe and easy walling on the flanks, but open space and elevation that cannot be walled off in the centre. Mostly standard starting resources with the primary sheep slightly closer to the TC, one easy and one difficult boar, and there are slightly less far-off Resources. Currently only optimised for 4v4 TG's. Featuring: - Allied Vision Enabled at Dark Age. - Onager Cutting is Disabled, cutting tech available. - Slinging Nerfed. Gl & Hf!

  • 2019-06-15
    - Needs more eyecandy & terrain variation - Extra Resource adjustments - Map size resources needed - Might change the ice to DLC_ROCK (easier on the eyes)