Random Map Contest

Stage Scenario-based Random Map: City of God

Start Saturday, 17. November 2018, 14:00 UTC
Submission deadline Sunday, 18. November 2018, 14:00 UTC


Limbo – 34.8 Points 1st Place
by Chrazini

What began as a conflict between two civilization has escalated into a war between numerous. They have all but exhausted resources and armies for their struggle for domination on the earth. All sides, now crippled beyond repair - their civilisations dead and burned to the ground. They are all now stuck in Limbo waiting for their ultimate faith, but what if they could choose their own? To show their commitment, they must hold the holy monument for several years - and if they fail to do so, their faith will be nothing but an agony wagon. The remnants of their civilisations now continue to battle on The Heaven Mountain, fighting for the ultimate conclusion - this is a fight to the death, the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the others. Will you enter heaven or be doomed for eternity?

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Originality Professionality Balance & Playability Theme Visual Appeal
7.8 / 10.0 7.8 / 10.0 3.8 / 10.0 6.3 / 10.0 9.3 / 10.0
I love a graphic design of cliffs and rocks surrounding players and design of north section especially cave covered with flames.
Beautiful jungleroads coming out of tcs and joining into a shiny road up north next to the Wonder.
Additional relics are a nice touch on KOTH.
I'm not sure about additional gold and stone placed next to the Wonder because it means that it's even harder to take control back from prevailing player. On the other hand, it may force players to play aggressively.
Tight entrance to the North section with wonder makes it very easy to wall off and play turtle with towers and castles.
I definitely wouldn't like to be one of 2 players being spawned close to the wonder, because they are handed on a plate to other players, who have to get through them to reach the Wonder.

Cliffs itself is a cool design but it is limiting accessible area, which on such map where Wonder is being spawned in a corner, pushes players much closer to each other.
Therefore, I would leave out cliffs on sides but make them redundant next to the players section and put all of players in two lines next to the edges on the other side of the Wonder.
I encourage you to go even more bold with separating people using cliffs :D

Overall, I enjoy visuals and execution of a given concept.
It's a great map, and it was made in just a one day - impressive work!
Pretty impossible to take the monument from those who spawn next to it and who fortify the area with ranged units and defensive buildings. pathway is blocked by gold so it is extremely narrow.
I like the unique outside of the map, which grants some nice safety to give player oportunity to boom and wall. However also here it might be more beneficial to have the area on the corners, benefiting more from the added protection.
I don't really see the added value of the monument in this specific location
We have seen time and time again that the first player to go for the monument in a KOTH game almost never wins. This might be the map to finally change that.
While there are maps out there where the outer map border is not accessible (Socotra, NotSocotra, some Arena variants etc.), I have never seen a map with a meandering outline of cliffs and a thin woodline in front. Due to the map revealers all over the inaccessible outside area, the minimap looks quite unique for the players as well.
Giving each player their own pocket to build up without being in the way of others in is a nice idea, although some starting positions are more protected than others.
For some commands, the map script uses values that are dependent on the map size. Since the map size is determined by the scenario, this is just dead code and could be removed in this case. Compared with the finished map, the scenario itself looks kind of bland. The rms does an excellent job at filling the frame that the scenario offers.
The theme could have been reflected a bit more strongly, but then again we finally found some use for those buddha shrine objects. And the outside kind of looks like a labyrinth. Overall, the map is very appealing visually – even more so if it happens to randomly generate a suitable monument.
The main issue with this map is the single narrow access to the monument, which can easily be walled. To make things worse, there is plenty of space in the back where a sizable economy and even some production buildings can be erected. The winning strategy on this map seems to be: Rush to the monument, fatslob it up and then boom like nobody watches, hoping that the seven other players first underestimate the timer, and then clash in front of the only entry, neutralising one another. Having multiple entryways to the monument area with non-buildable terrain could ease that problem, but that would probably require a big rework of the upper part of the map.
There is definitely comeback potential for any player that gets wiped off the monument due to the amount of resources and relics on the map, given that their base still exists. If your neighbor decides to steamroll your base with superior military forces though, there is not much area on the map where one could flee to in order to reboom.
Overall definitely the best entry in this round of the contest!
While the map looks very cool and uses the ability to really create a very nice-looking scenario base for the map - I do think it is quite unbalanced for KOTH. The players furthest away will have to try and kill neighbors rather than going straight for the monument. Yes, its easily walled off - but its more easily walled off for the players close to it anyway. Obviously its tricky to create a balanced ZR map with an asymmetrical Monument placement - but I think it should have to be more openly accessed to create a) more fair games b) more fun games (both to play and to watch). Maybe adding a guard state as a standard setting for KOTH would make it a bit more interesting? Overall, very well done - I basically just fear for the balance of the map.